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Ladies of Mobius by nattherat Ladies of Mobius by nattherat
Drawing some girls. This is updated whenever I feel like it.

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Characters and their first appearance (earliest first):
Sally Acorn - Archie, 1993
NICOLE - SatAM, 1993
Bunnie Rabbot - Archie, 1993
Amy Rose - Sonic CD, 1993
Tiara Boobowski - Sonic X-treme, 1995 (cancelled)
Carrotia the Rabbit - Tails' Skypatrol, 1995
Tekno the Canary - Sonic the Comic, issue #63 1995
Honey the Cat - Sonic the Fighters/Championship, 1996
Sonia the Hedgehog - Sonic Underground, 1998
Tikal the Echidna - Sonic Adventure, 1998
Lumina Flowlight - Sonic Shuffle, 2000
Rouge the Bat - Sonic Adventure 2, 2001
Cream the Rabbit - Sonic Advance 2, 2002
Vanilla the Rabbit - Sonic Advance 2, 2002
Cosmo - Sonic X, episode #53 2005
Blaze the Cat - Sonic Rush, 2005
Wave the Swallow - Sonic Riders, 2006
Marine the Raccoon - Sonic Rush Adventure, 2007
Shade the Echidna - Sonic Chronicles, 2008
Zeena of the Deadly Six - Sonic Lost World, 2013

EDIT: Lol nope. I know nobody reads descriptions clearly, but come on. Comments closed permanently due to sheer amount of spam, warring and insults. Do NOT try to leave comments about this picture over the rest of my pages nor note me about it, I'm not answering any more, and I'll just report them as spam. Even if you have a legitimate politely-worded query, I'm sorry but I've had enough of the ridiculous unnecessary drama that merely a picture of some Sonic characters has stirred. I like girl characters in the Sonic universe, so I drew them. The end.
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November 18, 2012
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