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::GIFT:: Friendship is G1 by nattherat ::GIFT:: Friendship is G1 by nattherat
A little sketchy gift for :iconsamcybercat:! I hope you like the designs I came up with! Apart from Applejack and Spike of course, they're unchanged. XD Since you asked if I was going to do some more g1 designs, here are some! A sort of alternative mane six I guess.

Surprise, Moondancer, Gusty, Majesty, Medley and Lemon Drop are all ponies I grew up with that I do sort of miss. These are versions of them to bring them up to date to G4, so you could perhaps call them pony OCs too, since they're not quite the original characters/personalities any more.

Lemon Drop is an earth pony from Manehatten, with a lot of skill in show jumping and a lot of chip on her shoulder. She's worked hard to get what she has, and won't tolerate any less effort from others.

Surprise is a pegasus pony who has a lot to say to anyone who will listen. She's larger than life, confident and brash, with the grounding to back herself up. She likes messing around, playing (friendly) tricks and being loud, but don't you dare ever say anything bad about her friends!

Moondancer is a shy unicorn who, like her name, enjoys the quiet of night far more than the day. She longs to be as graceful as Princess Luna, and practises dancing elegantly after dusk. She's an amateur actress who works in theatre, but she never likes to take a lead role much.

Gusty is a unicorn full of energy, galloping around town causing a whirlwind whereever she goes. She's a country girl, born n' raised on working the fields. As such, she's much closer to Earth ponies than other unicorns, though whether she actually gets anything done on the farm is another matter.

Medley is a soft-spoken pegasus with an affinity for stormy weather. She steps daintily, and yet the clouds beneath her roar with strangely musical thunder. It's a neat party-trick, but often ponies get annoyed that she causes storms more than any other weather. She often keeps her hooves on the ground for that reason.

Majesty is a powerful unicorn who has inflicted exile upon herself because she takes issue with alicorn rule. Now she lives with the Zebras outside of the safe lands of Equestria, and travels the strange far lands in search of knowledge.
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September 13, 2013
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